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Personal coaching from Scott Fox:

"Scott - Thanks so much for providing this invaluable service. It's not everyday that you have the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with a true expert on generating money online. Our phone conversation provided me with a wealth of valuable information and made me more determined than ever to proceed with my dreams of creating a profitable website. My investment was definitely money well spent. Thanks again for your guidance and encouragement. I look forward to being featured as an e-business success story in your next book." - Matt S., Oxford, Mississippi

Is product or concept development for your new e-business stuck?

Are you struggling to find a profitable niche or develop a cost-effective online marketing strategy?

Now get personalized strategy advice from Scott Fox!

Use this 1 hour personal and private telephone consultation to help focus your energies on your best "path to profitability." Scott Fox's expert opinions and years of online marketing and product innovation expertise can help YOU chart a more profitable course for your new lifestyle business.

Even the most successful business people have a mentor and Scott Fox can be yours! Expert coaching and advice can help you advance your business to the next level of profitability.

You set the agenda or Scott Fox can quiz you to help develop your own ideas based on your personal background, interests, and business needs.

100% Money-back Guarantee: We guarantee that Mr. Fox will help you uncover at least a dozen ways to improve your e-business or your money-back - no questions asked.

** NOTE: There are a limited number of these appointments each month, so please book in advance.

"You gave me amazing advice - I am really excited to execute! My only regret is that we did not speak earlier, so I could have had these fabulous programs in place from day one. Thank you for delivering solid information in a way that is very easy to digest and put into action."
- Stacy B., Los Angeles, California

"Scott Fox's 1 hour coaching session was very insightful and will pay for itself several times over. I felt he genuinely cared about my online business idea and how it would affect me. He helped me fine tune the idea along with some great low cost marketing concepts. I would recommend this to anyone interested in beginning an online business."
- Sean R., Las Vegas, Nevada

"First rate! I found the one hour telephone call with Scott to be highly beneficial. I have been able to move my business idea forwardmuch quicker than would have been the case other wise. Scott Fox's experience helped me to think about my business in new ways and he gave me a lot of advice that I would not have got anywhere else. I recommend that you take advantage of Scott Fox's offer - it should prove very useful to you."
- John H., London, UK

"I highly recommend the personal coaching session with Scott. His sincere interest in really trying to help me brainstorm and expand my website was truly valuable. He gave me better clarity and focus on what I needed to do right now to grow my business."
- Gerhard C., Palm Beach, Florida


** SCHEDULING:  After we receive your order we will contact you within 48 hours by email.  No need to call or email us - just watch your email inbox so we can help you arrange a mutually convenient time to speak with Mr. Fox. 

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